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There are a million memories, a million moments your guests capture from the biggest day of your life that you might not know about. PictionUs wants to help capture these memories and moments your friends take. We want to capture your day from every angle, every point of view. We want to be the place your lifelong memories live.

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About me

About me

The idea stemmed from Daniels travels of Australia where he attended a friend’s wedding and saw first-hand how difficult it was to access and share his photos with the wedding party. Daniel explains “I was at my mates wedding and I didn’t know many of the people who were attending, we all had such an epic time for the two days but after it I had no way of contacting any of the people at my table to share photos, I wouldn’t be big on social media.

The bride also said she had to go individually around the guest list to try and get each person photos. It was a difficult process and ended up costing a lot of time and resulted in some of the best memories being lost.

Daniel decided to do something about it and began building PictionUs. It’s a photo and video sharing app that helps you capture save and share these memories and moments. You simply download the app, choose the wedding package, and then share your album with your friends and family

Another set of eyes

On your big day you will be surprised how long you spend with your professional photographer. There is a period of the day that you will miss out on as your guests are in the reception, getting their dance moves on.

PictionUs want you to see your wedding & event from a thousand different angles. Every point of view, Every nostalgic moment, every candid laugh, The tears, the joy and the smiles. This is what makes your day so special.

It’s about Romances, connections, sunsets and sunrises, It’s about family, first steps, reunions and reflections, you can smile at them, laugh at them, cry or reminisce over them, but you can’t ignore them, because they reflect on the good times and these good times shaped us all into the people we are today.

What we’re trying to say is your life is an adventure. This world is incredible, your friends, family & the people you meet are incredible, PictionUs wants to be apart a part of that. Simple!!